The Two Paths

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In our journey as believers there will be times when we will be confronted with life altering decisions. When we stand at that crossroad, what Choice will we make? Will it be man’s way or God’s Way? That is the essence of the message of Two Paths. The Lord is pleading with His church to hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour; are we hearing, are we discerning and are we responding? May the Lord help us to be among those who are not only Called but also Chosen and found Faithful as we navigate through God’s Pathways of Life.



Rev. Tim O’Connell currently serves as a pastor at Lighthouse Evangelism in Singapore after serving in missions together with his wife Joanne in both Africa and India over a period of 20 years. Tim has also worked in Bible schools and churches as a teacher, consultant, dean and principal. The O’Connell’s are ordained under Zion Fellowship International USA with the Church of Mt. Zion in Erie Pennsylvania serving as their home church.