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Trials are not something that we naturally welcome. Our first instinct is to try to get out of them as soon as possible. In this book, the author sheds light on why God allows His children to go through trials. He takes us through the different types of trials that the saints may face at different stages of spiritual maturity. The book is interspersed with real-life testimonies of how God moved in the lives of the author and his family from trouble to triumph while serving the Lord in Africa and then in America. As you glean from the lives of this precious family, may you be encouraged to persevere and likewise overcome.



Pastor Mike Derrick was a missionary in Africa for 18 years and a Christian schoolteacher for another 18 years. Pastor Derrick has taught in several Bible Colleges in East Africa and Southern Africa. He is also the founder of Nuru Ministerial Institute located in Nakuru, Kenya. He is the author of three books.