Messenger of God, The

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Book Description

The Messenger is a detailed study on the life and ministry of John the Baptist, including many important topics and considerations for the developing servant of the Lord. Throughout the book, Rev. Steward draws many valuable lessons from the life of the prophet – essentially how he became one of the greatest men ever born! His life and ministry help us understand that God not only carefully chooses His messengers, but He also plans their lives and forms them into vessels that He can use.



Justin Steward is an itinerant evangelist currently based near Buffalo, New York, where he resides with his wife Alyssa and their three children: Samuel, Jeremiah, and Tirzah.  He spent five years serving as a missionary in Africa directing a ministry and a Bible college.  He has taught in a number of Bible colleges and seminars and held several evangelistic crusades and outreaches in different nations.  His passion is to win souls, to equip others to be soul winners, and to see true disciples embrace God's very best for their lives (the Vision of Zion).  He holds a Master's degree from Zion Christian University.