God's Powerful Voice: Hearing and Responding to Him

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Book Description

Often, many Christians do not recognize God's voice or have been deceived into thinking another voice is His. Rev. Tucker will encourage readers that they can indeed hear the voice of God for themselves. He will answer the questions:

  • How can we come to know God’s voice?
  • How can we distinguish it from the many other voices in the world?
  • How can we avoid deception?
  • What is the relationship between hearing His voice and faith, righteousness, and wisdom?



Rev. Robert Tucker and his wife Angeline pastored Starville Church, Marine City, Michigan for over 30 years and now serves as the president of Zion Fellowship International in Waverly, New York. His other ministries include teaching in Bible schools and leadership seminars throughout the world as well as authoring articles and books used in many languages and countries.